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I've been reading about Nintendo at E3, and their announcement of the new name for the Revolution. And almost crying with laughter.

It is, as you may well, know, to be calley the Wii. Pronouced we, not why as previously thought. Though both would cause much amusement.

Thus, I present:

Wii Wii

I've done the second one slower, I thought it was slow enough but then I found I was having trouble with reading the second frame....
Ehehee.. I like that one. :D

Then again, I quite like the name, too. :)
I like the name, but as I say in it, I wanted to get the line in first.
It's amusing. I like the concept of the Wii, it should be very interesting that gamers are forced (at last!) to get their lazy arses up from the couch to play.

Oh, regarding your icons, they're cool, but a bit hard to read on 45 degrees.
I wanted them to look different [plus, tilting the controller, anyone?]
Ah ha ha ha ha! Didn't catch that one (doesn't quite relate, though), but yeah, I'm familiar with that 'technique'. :P
Well, I did only come up with the excuse a few hours after I made them....
*stills wants DS*
*still wants you to get DS*
*how much are DSs these days?*
*has got about £30*
£109 with a game, according to buzzruth....
Danke danke.

*wonders where I'm gonna get that from*
Birthday? Christmas? Congratz on Xams?
November is 6 months away.
Christmas is even further.
I should be so lucky. I've never had more than a well done. And plus, I only really have 2 important exams this year.

Whining? That could help.
Well, I got £20 today as a goodwill token from WE... But that only puts me about halfway there...
...but whining is never effective.
[how do you feel about double posting on comments by the way?]
I don't really mind [seeing as you're the only person to comment since I was last here].