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Comment to be added.

This LJ has gone into a state of hibernation. If you wish to be added, it could be some months before I actually get round to you [sorry].
Heh...nice banner. =:D
In my next post, I'll explain it.
I'm "commenting anyway"

(Deleted comment)
Everyone's on! Danke, dudette!
On the subject of friends, may I friend you and v.v.? Being M. Hills Esq. and all.

*settles down to wait for end of Easter hols*
Yes yes yess yes yes!

Being that kitten kid, and all.
*flails around in all the prettyness* It's all so blue and shiny and sparkly *rolls in blue*
Mmmm... sparkle...
'Ello. *Still lost.*
Yep, I'll friend you.
Yay!! THanks!
Now you can read everything else.....