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Penguins like pineapples - pass it on! S:X3

Stollened from befrafa

Oh, and H2G2 is back, LJ was blocked too but is back... they can't make their minds up.
*is confuzzled*
*wow - that was quick*

Is it looking better now? I messed up my tags.
*you commented on my entry pretty quick too!*

yeah, looking better.
Dragonz eats penguinz! }:=8)

Ahem. ;P
Cool dragon smilie!

o/~I like chicken, I like liver, meow-mix meow-mix please deliver?
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meow_Mix :>

Yes, I am that sad.
It must be said that I have never heard of it.
You're not American :D
Correct, I'm UKvian. And so is Yayworthy.
And so am I ;P But I'm old enough to have been exposed to Austin Powers when it was first released. And Dr. Evil sings that jingle in that film, so!
I want to see it.... is it good?

*earplugs in, after previously questioning people on the subject*
*me too*
(Deleted comment)
So do I!
If I've heard of it, I'm sure everyone must have.
...in Ausvavia.
I reckon Ozland sounds better.
OKly. Ozland it is.