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Weird city.

No more mister blockage. Well, W*bs*ns* is still gone, but apart from that....
Yay teething troubles? :D
I hear cries from the other side of the room that say blockage is back.
But none in my case.
Weird city indeed.
The good thing about dansguardian is that its not just a simple "blacklist" utility. In fact it requires very little human interaction once it has been set up correctly, where websense requires constant maintenance of the large and bloated blacklists, plus as we all know - there's always another way in.

Dansguardian is as close to an intelligent internet application as we've seen in a long time here in cyberspace, it scans the web page before you have chance to read it and decides (with the aid of a clever weighted word file) if there is any inappropriate phrasing on the page you are trying to view. Hence the reason, that if you post any kind of explicit language on this or any other forum type area, or even webmail for that matter you will block yourself out of the page *cool eh*

Ah. But from what I've seen on error pages recently, they are only using it like they did websense.
It now appears that LJ is completly unblocked [I've even been to anime_bigbro]