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I was going to write a nice exam-results = emotional turmoil entry. I went to Update Journal. Access denied. May well be related to this new start-up message.

* Use of this computer network is monitored at all times, by signing in to your network account, you are giving us permission to do so.
* Monitoring includes (but is not limited to) Checking internet history, Scanning My Documents areas for illicit files, Remote viewing of desktops.
* Anything found to be inappropriate may be deleted, but may also be used as disciplinary evidence at a later date.

The page itself goes like:

ACCESS HAS BEEN DENIED [insert school user name here]

Access to the page:

... has been denied for the following reason:

Weighted phrase limit exceeded.

You are seeing this error because the page you attempted
to access contains, or is labelled as containing, material that
has been deemed inappropriate.

If you have any queries contact your ICT Co-ordinator or Network Manager.

Powered by DansGuardian

Oh, and that [insert school user name here] was my real school username, which I'm not telling you.

It tells me two things: They've stopped using W*bs*ns*.
This is worse.

However, they can't stop me posting! Hehehehehhearhaerhar!
I can still post using my LJ, but I can't edit.
Or get onto my friends page.
Or access photobucket, or freewebs, or do anything decent at all.... *serious sobbing*
:( I feel your pain.

Public library access in future, then?
If possible, yes.

But how can I do icons? That's what I do when I can't do anything!
lol that sucks. Have you tried www.ibypass.org
you can just type in the adress of the page you want and it'll bring it up under that site. The only problem is you might get in trouble if they're monitoring the pages and stuff lol.

We're not supposed to go on lj or anything but everyone does anyway, our old school blocked the sites but these ones just say "please don't we can't be bothered blocking" lol.
Banned site: ibypass.org

They know it.
damn. and here i am thinking i'm smart...i only found it about a week ago lol.
They wouldn't still exist if people stayed one step ahead...
Especially considering all they have to do to find proxy sites like that is to keep an eye out for a lot of traffic to one particular address where before it might have been to six or seven sites.

I'm waiting for the 'net administrator bods here in work to pick up on all the traffic to livejournal.com from me and block it. THen I'm going to end up breaking people.
i think that's what will happen with myspace.com at our school. seriously everybody whores it. i don't see it's appeal but i constantly hear people telling other people they left them messages etc.
I'd die without my gj/lj
Myspace has pretty much always been blocked here.
it's okay, you're seriously not missing anything. a bunch of ho's that take pictures of themselves looking as emo as possible then post thousands of them to get people to tell them how pretty they are.

That's about it.
I'd go insane. This has been demonstrated.

LJ was blocked for about a week last year because they were fiddling with their Websense categories, and I sorta huddled there and did my work as normal, but with the occasional twitch or five minutes of mumbling incoherently.

Boredom's a killer x.x Incidentally, so is MySpace. Isn't it another one of those 'social networking' sites that are the New Cool Thing? With photos? And profiles? And all sorts of other stalker-bait?
LOL sounds a bit like me. I've only just started frequenting lj again gj is my home though. We lost all internet connection for nearly a month last year after the phone line blew in a storm. I was going insane, there's only so long you can go without blogging...it's addictive.

Myspace is exaclty that. Basicly
1.dress like a ho
2.take a picture
3.take a dozen more
4.post them on myspace for everyone to see
5.wait for a bunch of other ho's and pedophile's to comment on them.
I'm too worn out to be painful.
Ack!! A similar thing means I can't access email at school. :( I haven't tried lj yet.
Weird City - see the new entry.