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Step inside the Tardis

Ricocheting through time and space

4 March
Heya dudes!

This is a mostly-friends only journal by me, midge. Please comment to be friended.

The background is from www.time-and-space.co.uk, a doctor who fansite. I don't know where the pic I made the banner from came from.

I currently moderate two communities, tiny_creatures, the unnofficial/only livejournal Shoebox Zoo fan community, and cbbceebies, equiverlent for CBBC in general. If you would go there, it would be much appreciated. Please!

I have just started making icons. However, they are from Paint and therefore [insert insult here]. Most can be found in various posts here. I hope the tagging works.

Also, I have started writing fan fiction recently - Artemis Fowl based at artemis_fowl and Cardcaptors at keros_pudding [please note, this is a members only community - annoy sakuraflower to get in. Well, that's how I got in, anyway...]. Hope you like them!

If you do not understand something, do not take it as an insult. Take it as a recommendation to find out the reference and READ IT! [Most obscure terms are hitchikers guide to the galaxy]

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Carnivorous plants? Vegetarian? Life is full of contradictions.

my pet!

Oh, and

I was rated as Zaphod on h2g2_rating. Who are you? I have a terrible memory for species.