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Has anyone else run into frankthecomic?

You should, it's good.
I was walkinfg up the road today, remembering.

I remembered that the great internet severence ended on my birthday.
I remembered that my birthday is tommorrow.

Is it really a year ago?
This is especially for yayworthy, as she's brand new. A simple lj html lesson.

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Glad to be of service!
Three more icons, all Doctor Who [and posted at whoicons]

+1Lots of planets have a north Lots of planets have a north
Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
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OK, this is the first of the promised icon posts: I'll do the animated ones later.

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As ever, coment, credit, don't hotlink etc. If anyone wants any.
4 Sophie's World, 1 CardcaptorsCollapse )

Buzz - have you read Sophie's World? You should. :)

Also: for anyone that cares, I have started a new community, cbbceebies, for fans of CBBC. It has two members so far. I await more.
This is appropriate for so many fandoms - well, Shoebox Zoo and Artemis Fowl - that I've taken it as a rule for living. Apologies to befrafa and afowl, because I'm putting this on tiny_creatures and artemis_fowl respectivly. Hope you like it!

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<td align="center">You have a 87% chance of surviving a T-Rex Attack

You have a very good chance of surviving a T-Rex attack. You are very smart and know how to survive in the wild. You would be first in line if there was ever a real Jurassic Park.

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Nicked from buzzruth and doubtlesswonder.

After you die...
Reincarnated as Yourself

After death, you will be reborn again as yourself. You will live the same life, unbeknownst to you. However, you will have vivid moments of déjà vu, as you probably have now.

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