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They say that to be a good writer, you should write 200 words a day. I don't think they meant that for essay-writing, but as General Studies showed, I can't do essays. So I'm doing this.

I've kind of promised myself that every day I'm on here I'll post something. Whether its just a meme, a joke or the meaning of life, I wish to not exactly spam friends lists, but at least be noticed on there for once. I've got some ideas for icons - and I may do them at lunchtime, but due to the absence of photobucket, I'll have to resort to tinypic. I had the idea that I might start a GJ account to store my icons [they have lots of space for them, but not a great community spirt] but that is blocked as well.

I have been doing some writing elsewhere. There's quite a few drabbles of mine [well, 4 so far] over at fowl100, but 100 words a week isn't particulary impressive. I'm also writing a longer [well, it couldn't be much shorter...] originalfic, which is also my current links list. I might finish it, eventually....

Well, somehow, I've managed 200 words of wittering. Ignore this post if you wish.
Yay for the wittering!
I write several thousand words per day, due to my huge amounts of online interaction. Does that make me a good writer? :D
I seem to write a bit in responses to other's wittering, but for essays I feel I need to improve the coherent structure... or something.
Eh. To be honest, you've a better grasp of language than a good portion of the people I see around LiveJournal ;P Or, indeed, the rest of the Internet. That's got to count for something, right?
Apparently. But it doesn't stop me gettng Es in General Studies.

[To be honest, I really want to post more, and I'm now giving myself an excuse]
Awesome on the writing, i usually type alot of words between here, gj, theothersite, theimmortalityproject, quizilla and msn lol. which is why i always get a pretty good score on the touchtyping tests at school lol, i prefer gj to lj (no offence, i've just been using it longer) but you're right the community life over there isn't the best. it just depends on where you go, the communities i'm in are pretty active but still, it's worth it just for the 2000 userpics lol.
Blocked, half-blocked, ?, blocked, blocked.

Nah, I kid, I kid. 'Tis good to write, but I have great difficulty with writing stories. Essays, if I have enough time, can be OK, but I can't write them in a rush/exam.
I can write stories, because things don't have to be true, so I can pick entirly random ideas. Although they tend to be a bit short too.
You make me feel guilty now. =:P I always understood that if nothing else, just one sentence would do, although I'm hard pressed to see how it can, exactly. =:P
I'm not meaning to make anyone feel guilty.
Heh, I wasn't serious; only, I'm supposed to be a writer (haha... =:P), and I'm not writing much (apart from essays) at the moment...which I should be.
And I should be writing essays [ok, maths past papers, but they feel like essays] but I'm on here.
Oh well... =;)
*must resist to respond! must do past paper!*

Ah well.