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They've tried to block H2G2. They've failed. I won't say how, in case they read this. But they've failed.

Edit: Oh. They've sorted their failure. The *********ing ***********ers.

Currently availiable: LJ, swarma fora, officialMMsite.

Currently unavailiable: Photobucket, unnofficialMMsite and rest of freewebs, H2G2, fanfiction.net, deviantart....
"They may already be watching me, so I can't say much. Even now, their spy satellites and invisible ninja shock troops are closing in on me. All I can say is this one word:


I promise, one day, you'll know what I mean. But now I have to go. I think I just saw an invisible ninja."
Oh, I can see invisible ninjas all round me.

Do you know that time travel has been proved by the existance of mayonaisse?

*continues posting on h2g2*

*attempts to post message along above lines*


They haven't failed entirely.
What's this W*bs*ns*?
Eurgh. That needs to die along with most internet censorship. XO
See the previous posts of mine with the tag W*bs*ns*.
Oh, one of those school internet fun site blocking programs! >O At my school, it was anything to do with games, they blocked! and it wasn't even very accurate, because they allowed plenty of dirty sites (VCL, FOR CHRISSAKE!) and the like. Hope you find a way to get around it. D:
I've got Dan's Guardian working in tandem with it.

Our [that is darksideofstorm, buzzruth and me] view is that it is easier to get it removed than break through it.
So have they blocked UMMF??? from bubble.
Nope. Or at least, they hadn't yesterday...
So what's the unofficial mm site?