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4 icons, 3 animated.

I'm scattering appropriate ones to relevant communities appropriate one to relevant community [the other I'd planned on I couldn't find a pic for. So:

Peroxide Meercat - Jo Caulfield Stupid! Misunderstood? Misunderstood?
Ah1 I love the stupid one.

And I'm now going to be singing 'don't let me be misunderstood' a la star wars all chuffin day! Lol

*Wanders off singing*
That's what I'm here for!
*joins in singing*

Pretty icons, you're going to have to show me how to animate them. =)
Sure, but I'm teaching buzz momentmal!
Websense blocks.

I'm apparently not something enough :(
Aaaw, sorry. Can you get to http://www.freewebs.com/manyhills/mmnews/midgeszone.htm ? If so, I'll host them there, for a limited time only...
I can, but it's easier to just wait until I get home :)
Lucky you. If anything's blocked here, it's blocked for life.
Well, it's the same here, but I have my own internet connection at home, y'see. Which is Unfiltered! :D
Well, I can't get on at home, is what I mean...
Ooh. Gotcha. My mistake. c.c

I have no envy for you :( I'd be stuck without my internets.
I was panicking for weeks when they blocked LJ.